True Colour was established in April 2011 and since then has developed an excellent reputation for not only quality of work, but also the standard of service the girls deliver with every tattoo. We provide a laser tattoo removal service using the latest equipment in laser technology and we also have a professional body piercer.

Our staff are all female and comprise of 2 tattoo artists who both have over 10 years professional studio experience, as well as a fully qualified body piercer and laser technician. The girls are extremely friendly and approachable by nature and will always be happy to help you.

From choosing the right design, deciding to remove/cover existing tattoos and helping with all body piercing enquiries, the girls will assist with everything you need to make your “True Colour” experience a pleasant one! True Colour also works very closely with Health Protection Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Environmental Health and the NHS to improve the overall standards within the tattoo industry.

True Colour Tattoo

True Colour Tattoo

Our Staff



Isabelle started tattooing in Paris in 2000 and since then has fine-tuned her skills to become one of the most sought after tattoo artists in Scotland. She excels in many styles but has an amazing talent and passion for realism and can bring a tattoo to life in a way few others can.

She is extremely creative and artistic and is always willing to take on large scale projects which literally transform people into walking works of art! Her ability and talent is evident in the galleries and as with the rest of the True Colour Team she is extremely helpful and approachable. Isabelle also spends a lot of her spare time painting and creating art in many different forms. In short she is a very passionate and dedicated artist with an eye for perfection which goes a long way in ensuring your “True Colour” tattoo stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Sharon has been tattooing since 2001 and has worked both in the UK and Australia. With a health care background, she is extremely passionate about delivering the highest standards of infection prevention and control within a tattoo studio setting. She has worked closely with Health Protection Scotland along with many other government departments with a view of improving standards within the tattoo industry as a whole. She has represented the tattoo industry in a nationwide presentation to Environmental Health Officers in Scotland and has participated in several radio interviews on the subject of tattooing and also tattoo removal. She also works very closely with local councillors with regards to tattoo legislation.

Sharon’s strengths and style of tattooing lie in the more intricate, technical designs. She enjoys doing smaller tattoos and is well experienced across many different styles but she particularly enjoys large scale Polynesian, Maori and Celtic designs. Her clean and precise style of tattooing speaks for itself in our tattoo galleries. Sharon also draws and paints in her spare time. She is extremely helpful and friendly by nature and is always willing to take the time to make sure your tattoo is just right!


Anne has worked in the tattoo industry for 8 years and is an extremely competent body piercer and laser technician. She has completed several training courses on laser removal and first aid and was professionally trained several years ago as a body piercer. Anne is very passionate about delivering a high standard of work and only uses implant grade titanium jewellery.

Anne is extremely helpful, approachable and gentle by nature and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are comfortable and informed. She is very much a people person and participates in volunteering work with vulnerable members of the community out-with her work. She is by nature a caring, considerate person with a very non-judgemental view of the world. All in all she is an absolute sweetheart who can be relied upon to provide you with a very high standard of work and customer service.